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Personal Financial Counselling

Person to person help, with knowledge and understanding.

Expert financial counselling for individuals and families.

Let us help you navigate through your financial issues.

Whether you are facing problems alone, or your family is suffering financial pressure, we can help.

personal financial counselling

We help people with money problems

Financial counselling services can help individuals and families manage their finances and debt. Here are some typical services that a financial counsellor may provide:

For the Individual

Credit counselling

Our financial counsellor can help individuals to understand their credit report, improve their credit score, and develop a plan to manage their debt.


We create a budget for you to manage your expenses.

Retirement planning

We can help you develop a strategy for retirement by setting financial goals and creating a savings plan.

For the Family

Financial planning

A Money Mentors financial counsellor can help the family create a financial plan that takes into account their income, expenses, and financial goals.

Debt management

We can develop a plan to pay off debt and balance the family budget.

Education planning

We can help your family to create a plan for the children’s education expenses by creating a savings plan and exploring financial aid options.

Future planning

Plan for future expenses as things change in the coming years.

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