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About Us

Introducing Money Mentors – a team of skilled people who are dedicated to helping you with your finances.

Our purpose is to achieve great outcomes for anyone experiencing financial difficulty.

Our Core Support Include:

Money Mentors Understands

Money Mentors supports families who are in financial distress and are often facing very difficult circumstances.

By the time we seek help, quite often we may be experiencing great hardship combined with grief, guilt, pressure, stress, trauma, and quite possibly suffering with the effects of mental or physical health problems as well.

Many of our clients often come to us feeling vulnerable and are feeling embarrassed, feeling powerless to make changes, and anxious about their future. It is not uncommon for people in financial distress to be suffering with depression, to feel alone and trapped, overwhelmed with their problems.

We understand that an inability to cope with such pressures can lead to substance abuse, family dysfunction, anti-social behaviour, abuse of others and an overwhelming fear of debt. It is not unusual for those with financial issues to feel trapped and lost in a system that can be very difficult to navigate their way through.

Money Mentors recognises that all the families we support are real people. We know they love their families, we know that they have dreams and aspirations, and we know they want to be able to care for others.

Money Mentors knows that our clients come to us trying to do the very best they can under very difficult circumstances. We are here to help, to guide and to work through the money problems by your side.

With Money Mentors, you can be confident that you will get the best financial counselling.

Our Organisational Properties


We value all people, regardless of ethnicity, ability, gender, sexuality or beliefs. We aim to treat everyone with respect, dignity, empathy and kindness.


We believe that building and maintaining relationships is central to our work. We build rapport with families seeking support, support each other and work with others to achieve great outcomes.


We value continuous improvement. We will have the courage to review, challenge and adapt paradigms, systems and processes.


We are passionate about making a difference. We will work with families and communities to build financial security and resilience.

The Money Mentors Team

Money Mentors is run by a team of dedicated and compassionate people.

Our Supporters